You Don't Need a Blog To Get A Man

OK I am going to piss off some folks here, but this is the internet I don't care, and I don't know these people in real life anyway. There are a couple of blogs out there that are praised by many in the BW/WM relationship movement that really irk me. I got to thinking about this after listening to a podcast over at this blog. This blog I think is awesome, the people there don't sugar coat things, it isn't a love fest. No one is referring to each other about how hot they are and how they are going to email each other privately. I digress. Anyway Ms. ABC in the podcast noted how often than not most BW/WM blogs are started by BW, and there is a doom and gloom type of tone. The stats are always talked about. Low BW marriage rates, the low pool of available BM who haven't been to jail, are educated, aren't gay, and don't date WW exclusively.

There are a couple of blogs that are famous for this now. So much so that they are now giving pointers to black women on how to pick up men. To me that is sad. Why do we need instructions on how to get a man? Why do we need a dating service via blog indicating what black women need to do to snag them a man. Is it really so different from how white women grab men? In a previous entry, I showed how I got a man. I learned guys were more visual than mental. I showed my assets, slutted it up.

I managed to get a man without ever having to go to a blog to get pointers on how to get a man. I am not sexy, nor have I ever claimed to be. I curse, I belch, and I drink beer. I am not girly at all, but I know to throw on some lipstick when necessary.

Why do the BW blogs have the doom and gloom message? Why do I need a blog to fix me up or tell me what to do. Just get out there, the men will come trust me. Men that like girls, go after them. No instructions needed. You so don't need a blog to get a man. Men don't talk a lot, so a lot of them aren't out there reading what you got to say. Take your intellect to the mall, the grocery store, your local college campus, library, bookstore, or local bar, it will go a lot further if your goal is to get a man.