Rant-The World is Watching, So What!!!!!!

I went to a blog today where the blogger was discussing black women and men having children out of wedlock. I read as she stated that the world is watching. I say let the world watch. The world has such warped perceptions of African Americans, that it doesn't matter what they see, they will see what they want. We can be educated, employed, and have a family, and people will still make assumptions about people simply based upon race. How many times have I gone to a Wal Mart to be followed out of a store and have an employee demand a receipt (countless, and yes I have a receipt every time)? Or how many people at my job think I am a secretary or clerical person, and have no idea what my job title is, or what I even do, but assume based upon race, that I must be a secretary. How many times do I have to be asked "Why can't blacks be more like you?", as if I am some special magical Negro who is unique simply because I am married, degreed, and gainfully employed in corporate America? It doesn't matter if most black people I know fit into category of being employed, having babies within the confines of marriage, and educated? How many middle class white people do you know, who personally know poor or low income black people? Seriously, how often do they truly see that in everyday life, and not just on the news or television?

I am tired of educating the ignorant. Let them remain that way, it isn't up to me to change them.