Hot Gray Haired Men Tribute

Today I was talking with a friend and we shared our mutual love of Anderson Cooper. He wears that white hair so nicely. His eyes are beautiful. His blog, absolutely divine and riveting. I think that is the appeal, his reporting. I don't know how many Gay White Haired Men I have ever thought to be attractive until I saw Anderson Cooper on CNN looking all dapper and smart. Me and my friend have a thing for intellects (i.e. nerds), and he looks wonderfully intellectual. Oh Anderson you are loved by many a straight girl. If only I were single and a man. I know Anderson hasn't expressly said he was gay, but I am going to go ahead and make that assumption since I have a snowballs chance in hell of going after him.

Another hot gray haired man is Ira Glass. I heard his voice for years on This American Life. I finally saw him and again wowsa. Of course too, it could be because I love This American Life. Ira has a nice voice, I think that is what makes him so awesome, that and the glasses. I have a weakness for glasses, I guess it is the nerd love thing.