Husband Love

I've been complaining about my husband a lot. Now I need to give him some love. My husband and I are complete opposites. He is tall I am short. He is white. I am black. He likes Wendy's and likes the basics. I like Indian and Thai food and I am willing to try anything once. We have different taste in music, clothing, everything. But we have been together eight, almost nine years.

We are together because he works very hard at our relationship. He is the one to say sorry first because he knows I hate saying sorry, and that I know everything. He was the man that two months into our relationship added me to his insurance and moved me into his apartment because he was worried about where I was living. He was the one who recently held me while I cried my heart out when my grandmother died. He was there for me when I had my miscarriage. He isthe one who has understood and is willing to accept the fact that my brother might be living with us one day, and even though he isn't close to his family, he understands my close relationship with my family. He is the one currently making the plans for Valentines Day. If I am in a bad mood, he is the one who blames himself and does everything in his power to make me happy. When I was depressed about my job a few years back he was the one who told me to quit and find something that would make me happy. He was the one who supported me emotionally and financially with school. Simply put he is there for me. He loves me, makes me laugh, and he treats me better than any guy before him ever did.

Yeah he is not perfect, but no one is, and he truly loves me, he is also uber cute. He is the one person who keeps me grounded in this world. Otherwise I would still be trying to find myself so to speak in the most asinine ways. Like for instance right now he is trying to talk me out of trying out for Roller Derby. I just want to fight people for no apparent reason. He is more concerned about me getting hurt. See that is love right there.