Movie Theater Etiquette

OK today me and the husband went to see Sweeney Todd. It was a good movie from what I could hear of it. Three people in my theater thought it would be cool to chit chat during the whole damn movie. They talked about how Johnny Depp talked, the outfits the people were wearing, and were so enthralled in their conversation they were asking each other questions about what happened.

Now I am a movie fiend. I love going to movies. I love listening to and watching movies. So I am wondering for those who go to the movies just to talk, why the hell don't you go hang out in a Starbucks and talk so the rest of us folks can watch the damn movie?!?!?!?!! Also for the folks who need their cell phone on during the movie. If you are so important that you need to be reached via your phone during the movie, and you need to answer said call right then and there, then your dumb ass doesn't need to be at the movie theater. Stay at the house or in the office, and if you have to be in the theater, get up and leave to take the call.

Needless to say I have learned to hate people in general, and I am just turning into a mean old lady.