Reasons not to go back to school

OK part of my New Years Resolution was to go get my graduate degree. I am having second thoughts.

1) Why should I go back? It really wouldn't advance my career. My last few jobs have convinced me that you don't get ahead with education and hard work, but rather can you kiss ass and do you know someone.

2)I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and I will be the ripe old age of 32 next month. Isn't that sad?

3) Side note, I graduated back in 2003. I was working full time and going to school, so I didn't have an active social life. I did however have a live in boyfriend at the time (my husband) and needless to say me working and going to school put a damper on our alone time. When I studied I had to go to the library because if I tried to study at home I would get a visit every five minutes from him wanting to hang out. It was cute at first, but kind of wore on me, especially if I was working on a paper or studying for a test.

4) Even when I was a more traditional college student, I was a wallflower, and I wasn't all that traditional. I was still living at home and driving 50 miles to and from school per my parents who demanded I live at home, or if I lived on campus, I would be without car. I was also expected to have a part time job. How was I going to get to said part time job? It is still a mystery to me. We live in Texas, there is no public transportation system where I was attending school at the time. I said all that nonsense to say I went to school and went home. I never once went to a college party, or frat party, or really hung out with people I actually went to school with.

5) In reference to #2, I am too old to be hanging out on a college campus with hot young 20 somethings. I would feel weird and incredibly ugly. I live in Texas, you can't even step out of the house without make up, much less now I gotta work out so I don't feel like committing suicide everyday because I can't wear a shirt that shows my midriff from Forever 21.

6) I gotta take the GRE or GMAT depending upon my major

7) I need to pick a damn major. Should I do the traditional MBA, or major in something I would like to do, or something that interest me?

8) Do I want to be tired all the time, going to school and working full time. I don't think the husband is going to want to give up big chunk of income every year so I can find myself. He thinks school is a waste of time. I can see why neither of us use our degrees. He is programming, he does not have a computer science degree.