Visiting the Family

Wow you guys this is my 200th post!! I have way too much time on my hands.

This weekend me and my husband went to visit his grandparents in Houston. Since I have been with my husband, they have never seemed to have a problem with my husband being with me, but they say things that make me wonder. We go down there to meet his grandparents and end up visiting with other family members like his uncles, aunts, and even my husband's father, who he has a VERY distant relationship with.

His father was quick to embrace me. The first time he met me he was quick to mention how much he enjoyed "Sanford and Son" and "Good Times". Yeah this is what I talk about when I say they say things.

My husband has one uncle who is mentally challenged. He loves me and my mother (he met her once), but he asks about her constantly. He says things and no one bothers to correct him, not about black people but Asians. Grandparents love buffets and of course we went to a Chinese food buffet on Saturday night. The manager is familiar with the whole family. Of course the manager is Asian, and he talks to my husband's uncle constantly. My husband's uncle enjoys talking about Bruce Lee movies with him, and calls him Bruce Lee and asks if he knows Kung Fu. That is not cute.

Yesterday afternoon, we were sitting at his grandparents house, we noticed the family across the street trimming their tree and putting the limbs on the empty lot next to their home. We were all shaking our heads noticing how rude they are. These neighbors are pretty rude, they do things like have loud parties and use my husband's grandparent's drive way without asking for their guest at these parties. These neighbors also happen to be Hispanic. His other uncle makes the comment that the rudeness is attributed to their race, and not simply because they are rude. Then I asked about the other neighbors, as his grandparents area is very heavily populated by Hispanics, as with a lot of areas of Texas, and he started saying that the rude Hispanic family doesn't do it to their own, just to his grandparents. He does say most of the other neighbors are either very nice or keeps to himself. But if he thinks it is "us vs. them" on Hispanics, what does he think about black people?

His grandmother is very nice, but damn she can say some crazy things as well. She refers to haggling as "Jewing them down". Seriously. I told her that could be offensive to some, since the anti-hispanic uncle and his wife are newly converted "Jews For Jesus".

As my husband says, he family is very strange, but seriously I do wonder about what they really feel about my relationship with their grandson. At least they are asking about great grandchildren. I guess I might be their magical negro, they think I am the exception, not the rule. Is that why they are ok with me?