White Men Bringing That Black Girl Home

OK this discussion of family has me curious. How do most white men feel about bringing home the black girl? How many white men have actually bought home a black woman?

I know with my husband, I was one of two women he bought around to meet his mother. His mother is very open minded, and she knew he had a preference for non-white women. The majority of women my husband had dated were not black, he dated Asian, Indian, multiracial, and other black women before me. His mother seemed to have no problems, his current step father was under the impression black people and white people should not marry. My husband doesn't really like his step father. His previous step father, his brothers biological father is vehemently against our relationship. He mentions it to my brother in law constantly. It isn't even his child and he is upset. We also want to note that when my husband was growing up and lived with this man, he used to tell him as a threat he was going to make him kiss the chicken flavored lips of n*ggers. Yeah. Classy man. My husband took his advice, except my lips do not taste like chicken. He also told my husband when he turned 16 he was going to take him to a prostitute so he could be made a man. Thankfully his mother divorced him before he turned 16.

I do wonder though if he didn't dislike his current step father, or if his mother was with Mr. KKK at the time we were dating, would he have bought me around to the family to meet them. Not because he would be ashamed of me, but scared of what his parents would say.

I do know he gave me disclaimers for both sets of grandparents. It wasn't until Clerks II did he realize his grandmothers could be a bit racist.