White Men Sexuality Myths

I got inspired to do this blog listening to a podcast over at Angry Black Cat. It made me think about white male myths. Whenever me and my girlfriends start discussing sex, in particular with my black girlfriends, I get the inevitable question about sex with my husband. Hey can you be satisfied by a small dick? Is he crazy freaky in bed? Is it pink? They ask these questions in complete seriousness. I am wondering why there is this notion that white men are these guys with small packages who enjoy playing anal ringtoss. Seriously, it makes you wonder why do these stereotypes exist?

The big myth is that white men have smaller penises on average than black men. Now as a woman I can say I have never laid down with a man with a 14 inch penis, and I probably wouldn't want to, that sounds about as fun as a pap smear. On the flip side though, I have never been with a man that has a micro penis. I googled this to see if there were any stats to say if there was a difference in penis size based upon race and most answers given were no and inconclusive, there is no real way to know for sure. All races come in all sizes. Why do white men get the short end of the stick so to speak when it comes to penis size?

In terms of the color of a penis. I have never seen a purple or pink penis. Personally I don't think I could lay with a guy who had said colored penis, I guess that when my friends say this, they I guess think that white people already look pink, or since blood rushes to the penis during an erection, it "turns" pink.

In terms of white guys being freaks. I think that black folks feed each other that nonsense to justify why someone would be with a white person. I remember growing up being told white girls would do anything, that is why black boys chase after them. I know white people have heard the stereotypes about blacks in general just loving to have sex and make babies. I think that the freakiness depends on the individual. It isn't due to race. Maybe this stereotype abounds because when we hear of crazy sex crimes in the media, it is usually white men. Black men per the news only commit violent crime. White men just have crazy sex and embezzle money from large companies and their shareholders. R. Kelly and Michael Jackson are the exceptions, not the rule.

The truth is these women have never seen a white penis and can only come up with stereotypes and ideals that have been engraved in their minds on why they should not be with a white guy. If they knew the truth, it would probably give them less ammunition to justify why they feel they must deal exclusively with black men to prove how "down" they are with the black community.