Why Are Blacks Hated The World Over?

In posting the article about "Canadian" being the code word for black, I started to wonder. Why does it seem every single race or ethnicity has a word that is used with a negative connotation to refer to black people?

Why are we so hated? How long has this hate persisted? I understand in the U.S. we had a history of slavery, that can explain the race issues that affect us even to this day. But what about other ethnicities? The Jewish, Turks, Indians, Hispanics, and even Asians(To celebrate Black History Month, Kenneth Eng Posted an article titled "Why I hate Black People", and the paper actually posted this article, why would they do that)? Heck per Soila even Ethiopians and Somalians? Why do they look upon being black as bad? Is there is strong history between the Jewish people and black people? I know there is a large Indian population in South Africa, but what is the issue there? What shared history do we have with other ethnicities that make them dislike us? Why are we considered the bottom of the totem pole world over?

Like it was asked in the comments of the other post. What is so repulsive about being black? What is disgusting about it? What is wrong with being black?

Most people will say they don't hate or dislike black people, but there are examples of these same people in the world every day who do things that prove otherwise. My mother used to always tell me that sometimes she think outlawing segregation was a mistake, not because segregation was great, but it was obvious where you stood in the eyes of white people. They weren't ashamed of their hatred, they showed it to you, and you knew to stay away. They didn't pretend to like you and talk about you behind your back or in whispers. In her eyes it made life easier.