Circumcision: Ain't that kind of cruel?

I am watching Taboo on the National Geographic channel. I am watching Tondo from South Africa become a man. He does this by becoming circumcised without anesthesia or medical treatment afterwards. They instead build him a shelter out in a field and he stays there, and if he goes and gets medical attention he is not a man. If I was Tondo, I would just live with not being a man, and why can't he have a formal doctor cutting off his foreskin? Why it is just some dude coming at him with a blade out in a field?

Anyway isn't the whole circumcision thing kind of cruel? Are there really benefits to circumcision? From what I understand, the benefits of circumcision are less prone to infections. But the downsides are it lessens sensitivity, decreasing sexual pleasure, and people think, if it ain't broke, don't fix it I mean in America I think most guys are circumcised. Personally, I haven't seen a lot of uncircumcised penises (I ain't seen a lot of penis period, ok aside from porn penis, that don't count), but is there a drastic difference in penis? Is there health issues? I know there is a growing trend about keeping everything in tact. Personally if I ever had a boy, I wouldn't want to do it, it just seems kind of cruel to be cutting stuff off. My husband is all about it. He is thinking about gym class in high school, he doesn't want the kid to seem out of place. He is all about the social norms.