Fat is Contagious

I just went to this woman's website. Interesting article, I will post more on this later when I am not working LOL.

This social experiment hits very close to home for me.

When I first met my husband, I was a very small girl. I unfortunately adopted my husband's eating habits (nothing but junk, no veggies) and I ballooned to a very "healthy" size. My breaking point came when started having extreme back pain and a rapid heart beat. The rapid heart beat was anxiety, but it scared me enough to contemplate losing weight. Needless to say I some low self esteem and continued to grow. In my first attempt to lose weight I resorted to desperate measures, diet pills, 80 calorie a day diets, and vomiting on "cheat days". Yay for bulimia. The sad thing was I got the most compliments at that time. People would ask me what type of diet I was on and I would tell them the 80 calorie a day diet and no one batted an eye. I would lie to my husband and only eat in front of him, not eating any other time. It took me passing out to realize that might not be the best bet.

When I was bigger I would get the most craziest suggestions and comments. I got laughed at the first time I got my tail on an elliptical machine. People would tell me why I was fat. One girl asked me "how do you get to the point where you let yourself go like that?" Usually the skinny folks who asked this were people who never exercised, ate junk, and had cellulite from lack of activity.

Needless to say people don't like fat folks. Fat folks make less money and don't get ahead career wise. Especially fat women. Then shopping sucks ass, you get to wear a pup tent why everyone else is dressed cute.

So now I don't eat 800 calories a day but rather count calories by writing every thing down, and try my best to exercise (which fails miserably often). I fall off the wagon constantly, but I always get back on.