Gift Giving and Receiving

Every year my husband will ask me what I want for Christmas or my birthday, and every year I tell him. He then gets upset because the gift I want usually isn't in his mind what he considers a gift. If I want a coffee maker, I want a coffee maker. There is nothing wrong with that. He on the other hand feels that kitchen appliances do not count as gifts. Hello it is a Krups with a grinder for all my caffeine needs...it keeps me happy. This Christmas he asked me what I wanted, I told him nothing. I was not working at the time and wanted to make sure I had some money in the bank. That is what I wanted for Xmas, money in the bank :) Instead I got a computer I waited a whole year to go ahead and purchase because my computers were dying slow and painful deaths. Yall the desktop is from at least 2001. Yeah it was time for it to die.

He asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year. I suggested some things like some books I wanted, some video games, and DVDs,etc. He rejected every single one of those ideas, so I asked him to take me shopping for clothes. It was fun for me, torture for him. He claims he felt bad because he didn't give me a gift proper. Personally I like buying a bunch of clothes and shoes....it seems like an awesome gift to me.

My husband, bless his heart has in his mind a gift should be something extravagant like jewelry or some other big ticket item. I don't see things that way. To me as it is, I get way too much, I want something I buy it then and there, I usually don't have to save up and get something, if I can pay cash, if bills are paid, I can just get something. I get what I want all year round, so when gift time comes, I usually don't want for much. I know I am horrible right? I just wish sometimes when he asked me what I want and I tell him, he would take what I say at face value and go for that. Yeah baby I want that Sims 2 expansion pack, I get a lot more use out of that, than some overpriced earrings :)

I think his obsession with the perfect gift is the fact that compared to him I am relatively cheap. When he wants a gift, the boy wants a gift. A new surround sound system, new rims for his car, racing stripes for his car. Things that cost thousands of dollars. I can get buy with an awesome birthday for about $100 or $150 dollars and be completely happy. Hell even when I do go shopping it isn't at high priced stores it is at places like Old Navy, Steve and Barry, Rave, Marianne, Charlotte Russe. I know I am way too old to shop there, but hey I can't find $10 shirts everywhere. Yeah I am cheap for the most part, and I think he should be happy I am relatively a cheap date.

Ironically though, I tell him I love to get flowers for no apparent reason. He won't buy my flowers, not even grocery store ones because he believes they are overpriced and a waste of money since flowers wilt and die.