I'm sorry to all the DBR IR bloggers out there.

I'm sorry to all the DBR IR bloggers out there. I want to make this a formal apology, and I want to be specific as possible.

1. I am sorry my father and the majority of black men I have been around are not DBR. They are educated, married, and care for their kids. They don't beat their wives or treat them less than human.

2. I am sorry that when I blog, I blog about me and my husband the ups and downs, for the record there are more ups than downs. We have been together 8 years, believe it or not, I sometimes argue with him.

3. I am sorry that I don't think that I should base my opinion of people based upon stats or numbers. I as a black woman am supposed to be uneducated with babies out of wedlock living on public assistance. I hate when people make that assumption of me, so I try not to stereotype others.

4. I am sorry that I don't think the world is for you or against you based upon one opinion. If you have a difference in opinion, state your opinion, go with it, and move on. Why must group think be the standard and everything and every one else is a mortal enemy.

5. I am sorry I share my life to the point now people feel the need to make personal attacks on my marriage and social life.

6. I am sorry people think I am trying to bring down black women because my opinion is different from theirs.

7. I am sorry I don't feel my marriage is a political statement

8. I am sorry that I even with my bm loving self, took a precious white man away from you.

9. I am sorry if I think keeping your options open in the dating world means dating other races of men aside from white and transcends above race. Try dating someone with a difference in political stance, someone who does not fit into your ideal physically. When I say that I mean if you like tall men, don't date a little person, but maybe date someone the same height or a couple of inches taller. Maybe someone with a different religion than yourself? Treat it as a learning opportunity.

10. I am sorry if you think changing someone's view by name calling and bullying will get them to your side, it doesn't work.