Insomnia Strikes Again

Insomnia strikes again. I want a nutella and banana sandwich, but alas I have no bread or bananas. It sounds gross but it is heaven.

On a side note, I just got a big ass spoonful of nutella and ate that in consolation. How sad is it to know that you can't double dip in the nutella jar because it shortens the shelf life. That spoonful of nutella was my dinner. MMMMMMM healthy

On a side note, I got mad at the man tonight, he lets our dogs outside, they start to bark, which 9 times out of 10 means they are running up and down the fence, which means they are probably getting muddy. Our normal way to stop this is to contain them on tile with a baby gate (the doberman hasn't figured out he can jump it) and then I sweep or mop up dried mud and everything is great. My husband didn't put up the gate and the doberman dashed onto my carpet muddy and tail stub wagging. My husband got mad, he got so mad when he caught up with the doberman, he literally jerked my baby back making him yelp. Then he was just yelling. My thing is if he had put the gate up we wouldn't have had the issue. He then gets mad and starts stomping around. I go silent and pull out the carpet cleaner and start cleaning. He then tells me he will do it after stomping around, I just stay quiet and say I'll do it don't worry. Then he is like are you mad at me. Uuugggghh yes, you are acting crazy and going off on our dog. He is a dog, we are humans we are supposed to be smarter, don't go off on a dog, will you start jerking our kids around if they piss you off and make a mess? He has anger control issues sometimes, not with people, he has never hit me, but with the dogs. My thing is they are dogs, they make messes, you should have known better.

By the way said trouble maker is sleeping with his head in my lap as I type this, slightly damp from his bath. It is no joke to get an 80 lb dog into a bathtub and to make him stay in it, but I did :)