Siditty Secrets Revealed-Video is PG 13

This is a tragic story. My name is Siditty, I have a big booty, and I can't shake my ass to save my life. I can't booty shake, I can't get it to jiggle. When I say I have a big booty, when I lay on my back in bed, the small of my back never touches the bed, there is too much booty there for such things. This tragedy is to the dismay of my husband who is a bonafide booty man. He loves my booty. He would love for me to shake my booty, but my big booty is just for looks, it cannot shake. I wonder if there are booty shaking lessons to take? I am so jealous of those who can.

My booty is nothing but a shelf to put a cup on, or maybe a book, it makes a good pillow, but I can't shake it to save my life!!!!!!!