Things That Freak People Out About My Marriage Aside From the IR Thing

Today, I ran some errands and then went over to my friend's house (yeah I am not always online, ok I am 99% of the time, but sometimes I have a life). We were talking, I think about diet and exercise (this girl is hardcore, she runs marathons and ish, I can't be running 26 miles and still be alive). I was telling how it is much easier to eat at my house because me and my husband don't eat the same things. She looked kind of confused at this. She didn't understand at my house it is fend for yourself or eat what I cook.

My husband grew up in a household of overweight people. His mother, stepfather, and his brothers were all overweight. His mother and stepfather both had gastric bypass. My husband and his brother lost weight on Atkins. The husband at one time was overweight and lost over 80 pounds and now he is uber hot and stuff, but he has been gaining weight as of recent due to reverting back to his old diet. His diet consists of nothing but carbs and fat. Pizza or pizza rolls every night for dinner. Cereal for breakfast, wendy's or some other restaurant for lunch, and miscellaneous junk food throughout the day. He hasn't worked out in months, I would say almost a year, the gym is too far in his mind (I say DDR, play Wii sports, something). The boy can eat, hell I will buy groceries, have snacks or whatever, go in the cupboard looking for said snacks a few days later and ALL are gone. I guess if it is here, he feels he must eat it as quickly as possible. I digress. I get onto him about his diet, but he insists he prefers to be happy and die of a heart attack than to eat right and not enjoy his food. I told him I would not be coming to the hospital to comfort him when he has his heart attack, but rather to go to his room and tell him "I told your ass to eat right", where I would abruptly walk out.

Anyway I tried eating like my husband, it got me into trouble, so I reverted back to old dietary habits. Smaller portions, less snacking, less fried food, exercise, and making sure I am aware of what I am eating by writing everything down throughout the week and on weekends having my free for all (which I pay for dearly every weekend with stomach and head aches because I eat so horribly, after eating relatively clean throughout the week). I cook what I want to eat, if he wants some great, if not, there are pizza rolls in the freezer. She thought that was so weird. Topped with the fact that most the time we don't sleep in the same bed confused her even more. (It isn't like we don't try, he falls asleep watching TV a lot). Or I have insomnia like now and I am hanging out in the living room rather than the bedroom where he is sleeping peacefully. My mother thinks this is odd too, and tells me to make him lay with me. He does for like 15 minutes and then he gets up or turns on the TV really loud so I can't sleep.

Another thing that freaked her out. She is trying to get me to train for a Team In Training marathon with her (ha, me and cardio hate each other), and I told her I couldn't because I had thought about it before a long time ago and my husband was like no, you can't go off somewhere to run 26 miles. Of course I told him to do it with me, or that he would be more than welcome to be there (I would need him for support, especially with me running that damn far) and he still wasn't interested. She was like why would he be opposed to you running and traveling. I don't have an answer for that.

On top of that it freaks her out that he has issues with my working out and eating right. He feels I am doing it to get attention. I am doing it because it is healthy and I hate being uncomfortable in my body, and I still remember in my big days being scared I wasn't going to wake up the next morning because my heart was beating so fast and I was having chest pains (it was anxiety, not any heart issues). He thinks it is so I can get swept away by some random man. He hasn't figured out no other man will deal with me or wants me. You would think after 8 years ::sigh::

Me and my husband look completely dysfunctional and incompatible, but really we aren't LOL.