Why Do Guys Prefer Younger Women?

OK. Yan has started a dating site for those interested in IR relationships between BW and WM. Now I haven't dated in a very long time, but I do wonder this. Why does it seem the majority of men, especially those my age or older want younger women? When I was in my early 20's, I would inevitably get men who were well into their 30s, 40s, even 50s approaching me. I could barely if ever find guys my age to date. They would tell me age is just a number and then proceed to tell me that I should keep my options open, but then turn around and say that they don't want women their own age because they are boring or they have let themselves go. I never figured out why a guy that would be older than my father, would want to date me. It was just a gross thought. Of course I had one friend who was two or maybe three years younger than me, whose father tried to date me. He told me I was the right age for him, but I was too old for his son (my friend) it was really creepy, odd, and no I did not date him. The oldest guy I ever dated was about 9 years older than me, and of course he had an accent (he was from Italy), motorcycle, and lived in the trendy area of town. He was also a douche big into image. When he told me about the wonderful plastic surgery he had in mind for me, the weave, color contacts, and how I was going to dress, it kind of killed things for me. He wanted someone to mold, not date. I was not prepared to be Barbie.

I was reading this article that basically said the reason men are attracted to younger women is so they can increase the number of children they will have. I don't think so, I don't think men want five or six kids to help them tend with the farm these days. I think it is status and perception. A young woman is considered a prize, an older women is seen as damaged goods. Young women=attractive, while older women=undesirable. Guys want trophies they can show off, so physical attraction is way more important to them than women. It also said that younger women want older men because they are better providers and able to care for them. I don't buy that. I don't think I have ever thought, I want this man because he can afford my lifestyle. I have always wanted to date someone my age, but guys my age never approached me and I was way too shy to approach them. Most women I knew weren't into older guys.

For the record, I ended up with a guy that is the complete opposite of that, I am slightly older than my husband (I am 32, he is 30), and I am one of the youngest women he has ever dated. Most of the women before me where in their 30s, while he was in his 20s, so I know not all guys prefer younger women, but it seems a lot are.