Yeah I Am On A Roll: My Dream Will Never Be A Reality

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From the age of 13, I have always wanted a motorcycle. One of my uncles hd one and I thought he was the coolest. I also had a few friends with dirt bikes prior to that and I always wanted a dirt bike or three wheeler (cut me some slack, I am from Texas). I asked for a motorcycle in lieu of a first car, thinking it is cheaper, and a better bet, I was denied with a quickness. My mother thought I would kill myself on a motorcycle. I held out for hope, thinking when I bought my last car, after I paid that off, a motorcycle. DENIED. This time by the husband, he like my mother did not like motorcycles for me. Neither did my grandmother, his grandparents, or my mother in law. Not even my friends want me to get one. It is me against the world. What makes my husband's denial worse is that he feels he can get motorcycle, but I would have to ride on the back, and he would never go on trips on the motorcycle with me. I want to go to black bike week and not be the skank girl on the BACK of the bike, but rather one of the girls riding the bikes. My husband doesn't want to go to Black Bike Week at all. How lame is that? One time, my husband finally after me begging for months agreed to go look at bikes. Or he claimed to agree, as soon as I drove to the bike shop, he looked at me and told me "I can't believe you are going to get a motorcycle, knowing how I feel about it!" and pouted. The elusive motorcycle escaped again.

To add insult to injury, my 22 year old brother in law just got a new Harley. He is paying out the wazoo for it. (Can we say 17% interest rate, that boy got raked over the coals), but I admit, I did get a bit jealous. My little pretend SUV says family, not adventure. I wanna motorcycle too. After this family vehicle is paid off I am going to get my Harley come hell or high water. I want my bike!!!!!!!! And I am going to black bike week, I might be one of the few women actually wearing clothes, but I wanna show off my bike one day too!!!!!