Black Women In Mainstream Media

I am tired of men in drag portraying black women. I went to Double Consciousness and was watching some discussions over at Grata's about certain characters and if people were over reacting to them. The Black Women are overwhelmingly overweight and so obsessed with food they can't live without it (stereotypes of overweight people) , with bad make up, who cannot pronounce words and have bad syntax, and have horrid names.



Shirley Q. Liquor:

Wanda On In Living Color:

Tovah McQueen and Belma Buttons:

Debra Wilson at least is not a man, but she is Bunifah Latifah Halifah Sharifah Jackson:

Is anyone tired of this? I am just tired, there are people all over the world who think this is how most black women are. People have actually come up to me surprised I am "well spoken". That baffles me, what did they expect me to be? There are people who are freaked that I never wore a weave. That I am not grossly overweight and wearing booty shorts.

It is really hard for me to think of any recurring characters of this caliber played by white actors. Should I be offended?