Deuce Love-Why I Can Never Be Single Again

I am on myspace. I get friend requests often on myspace. I notice a lot of my friend requests come from guys who look like this:

Now you know I love the white men. I make no secret of my preference. I am married, but it would be nice to get myspace requests from guys who look a little less gangsta.

In my past I have dated deuces, dare I say my husband had deuce tendencies (he was rocking FUBU at one point and listening to Bone Thugs N Harmony), but there wasn't much attraction to someone trying to be "black". It was almost kind of insulting. It was like I was their validation into "blackness". Hell per black people at that time I wasn't considered black anyway, I was a fake "white girl" due to how I talked, the music I listened to, just everything about me was supposedly "white". I rarely if ever got approached by more "normal" white guys, unless they were older, i.e. I am 21, and the guy is 30 or older and rid of his hang ups, but he in my mind is too old for me or I felt I couldn't relate to him. Guys my age never approached me it seemed unless they were "down". Even now when I get hit on by white guys, they are usually "down" brothers who now use their biracial child as an active bargaining tool to show me how much they love black women.

Of course in my single life I was rarely if ever approached by men anyway, and when I was it was guys I usually wasn't attracted to. I had to do the hunting with most guys I dated. If they showed an interest, I went for it. My husband is extremely shy, but as soon as I realized he hd a crush on me (his friend ratted him out), I definitely pursued him. I convinced him to ask me out, and the rest is history.