Marriage and Clothing Options

On Wednesday, me and the man went to dinner. No where fancy, but I wanted to get more comfortable, and with it being in the 70's here right now I wanted to wear a new dress I got for my birthday. I put the dress on. The same dress at the store, I was getting compliments on from my husband as I tried it on. I go to the door and heads towards the car. He just stands there, I notice he isn't moving, I turn around and I notice that he is looking at me like "no you didn't" I ask him what his problem is, and he asks me do I need a jacket to wear. I look at him crazy, as it is 70 something degrees outside and say no, and he says "Yes you do". He is concerned. The dress I am wearing is a tank dress, and if you have read this blog for a while you know I am a bit top heavy, and shirts and dresses that fit right ever where else, might not fit right up top. This dress I felt fit right up top, but my husband felt made me look too boobalicious. I put the jacket on, and he still felt there was too much cleavage exposed. Needless to say I changed clothes. I found some Mennonites selling clothes and opted for this outfit:

This whole dressgate issue had me confused, when I met my husband, I was wearing some pretty risque stuff, mini skirts with platforms (ok guys it was the 90s), tight fitting belly shirts, stuff that wasn't hookerish, but close enough,and he had no problem with me wearing these things when we first met, he actually kind of encouraged it. Now it seems the opposite. He wants me dressed as a nun. What changed? Why was it out to be borderline hoochie back in the day, but now he is scared for me to leave the house in a dress, yes I was slightly boobalicious, but nothing was going to pop out unless I did a brisk run, which I was not planning to do. The dress came a little above my knees and I had some cute sandals on I just BOGO'd at Payless a couple of weeks ago. What would be the big deal? Doesn't he know married women become invisible to most men when they see the ring on the finger? No one wants me, I am too crazy, if someone did take me, they would bring me right back. Why are men so insecure like that?