Religion and Dating

I went over to the dating site, and noticed that as per usual when it comes to IR dating sites between BW and WM there is an overwhelming number of BW vs. WM. I am looking at a lot of the profiles, and the BW all tend to be very Christian, whereas the men seem to be a bit more varied in religion. As I have said before I am agnostic, my husband is now an athiest, but when we met I was a Baptist and he was Lutheran (at least I think) religion wasn't a big deal to me. But I notice a lot of the women it is a major concern. Their profiles reflect a big devotion to their religion. Are these women willing to date someone who isn't Christian? Do they shut down a profile if they see Jewish, Athiest, whatever. Is religion a barrier in dating?

I haven't had many serious relationships, I have been with my husband since I was 23, the longest relationship I had before that was two, maybe three months, so obviously not all that serious. Religion never seemed to be a big deal to us, to others it was, when my mom found out my husband was athiest, she didn't like it one bit, she asked me where I found the sinner at. I once when 15 told her I was an athiest, she turned looked at me and calmly said, "No you're not" and continued doing whatever it was she was doing. She was in complete denial. So was I, I will readily admit now I don't know what the hell to believe.

It also appears guys on the site seem to be a bit less passionate about their religion. Does religion seem to matter more to women than men?

Religion is another reason I could never be single, I live in the Bible Belt and saying you are agnostic or atheist is akin to saying you molest kids.