Ain't No Party Like A Friday Night Party-Fight Scenes

OK So it i Friday night, and you know my ass is at home, so I am right now looking at kill bill, one of my favorite movies and had to share the infamous fight scene. I wanted to do the scene with Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver, but that was just too gross, so I did the run of the mill Crazy 88's fight, which is awesome and shout out to RZA on the awesome soundtrack.

This is a pretty fight scene, be patient, and if you haven't seen House of Flying Daggers, rent it!!!!

This is a classic fight scene from The Chinese Connection. R.I.P. Bruce

Classic Indiana Jones:

This movie was awesome due to the bad acting and the Motown Soundtrack. What happened to Taimak?

This is one of the best endings ever to a movie. OK This movie is one of the best ever, the cheesy dialogue and one liners can't be beat. Evil Dead III aka Army of Darkness:

This movie totally sucked, but I felt the need to add this clip. I so love his last few lines in this movie.

Yeah I forgot the Matrix, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Karate Kid, and for the sake of my husband, Optimus Prime vs. Megatron from the original Transformers, the cartoon movie, not the live action. Maybe another time :)