Feeling Guilty

OK This is horrible. I woke up feeling so guilty. I had a dream. A dream about someone, someone that I hardly know, who is an acquaintance. It was a dirty dream, and in that dream I didn't care if I was married. The sad thing is I have never gone out of my way to think that this person was hot in the waking world. But in the dream the boy was hot. The dream was dirty enough for me to feel the need to take a shower right when I woke up. Then I had to tell my husband 1500 times that I loved him and hug him because I felt so guilty having such a bad dream. Has this ever happened to you? How do you handle talking to or being around the person the dream was about? Obviously I am not going to slut it up for them, but kind of awkward, and the sad thing is they will probably think I am freaky or weird because I am not talking to them like I normally do, which in person per my husband I am really flirty, even though I don't think I am. He says I am overly friendly, of course to my husband saying "hi" to someone is being a flirt.