Friday Night Party-Ode to 80s Horror B Movies

I was shopping on Amazon.com for DVDs, to my surprise there are a string of movies that are available on DVD that shouldn't be. I remember these movies fondly, as they came on cable repeatedly as a child, and I watched them repeatedly. These movies for a child were scary, but yet entertaining. Tonight my youtube surfing has focused on bad horror b movies of the 1980s.

My first selection, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, I loved this movie, I actually have it somewhere on VHS, as it was so great I recorded it. Note the great acting and special effects:

A great movie with bad premise, bad acting, and death by sex:

These movies were great as well, Ghoulies II, the death by toilet scene, and Critters:

We also have Night of the Creeps:

The Gate:

Not a B-movie, but it was the family friendly horror film, Monster Squad:

Who didn't have a Bop magazine with Ryan Lambert in it? Yall know you watched Kids Incorporated Martika, Fergie, and the other girl from Wild Orchid.

These are bonus clips, as these are more prison movies than horror, but still as trashy and cheesy as the rest:

Reform School Girls