Happy 300th POST and Random Ish

OK You guys this is post number 300. Yay for me, I have way too much time on my hands. Congrats I talk and ramble way too much!!!! YAY!!! For the celebration I will post this pic of Gerard Butler, the IR blogosphere's favorite guy from the movie 300. Isn't that cute!!!

On to other things. I usually don't cross post from the hair blog to here, but this really cracked me up.

On to another topic. Have you guys ever had a friend you had to just leave alone as you realized they can't be helped and they are just going to drag you down in their warped path of destruction? I have a real life non cyber friend (crazy I know) and I have known her for over five years. She has always been a crazy girl, but I never realized how crazy until recently. I have a friend like this. She is a girl who has had a hard time over the years, but she is still holding on to really self destructive behavior. So she has a slight habit of meeting guys off of match.com for dates and ends up sleeping with the majority of them on the first date. I explained to her this is not very helpful in forming a real relationship and that she should call me if she has the urge to sleep with men she claims she isn't even sexually attracted to them. She continued to sleep with folks. In the past year she has slept with two married men, one twice. In her defense the first one she didn't know he was married, but the second one, who she slept with twice she did know was married, but the excuse was, "he chased after me" and she had too much Petron.

I came to the conclusion that I could not help her due to her behavior on myspace. For a long time my man also had a myspace page, that he never maintained. I told him he needed more friends and asked her could I add her to his page, she said yes. I send her a request under his name. She then starts talking to me about one of the men on my page who requested to be her friend. She talks about how hot he is and how she is going to ask him out. It was my husband, I explained this to her and she said I needed to control my man. Mind you I had told her the deal. He got rid of his myspace page, and I told her to review his profile as it did say he was married and I was his #1 friend.

The next incident involved my ex boyfriend (yes my husband knows about him being on my myspace page, my husband actually has my log in and password to check up on me if needed), yes he is single and she is single, but do not go man trolling on my myspace page!!!!!! She starts talking to him after I show her his page. He messages me and asks me what is this girls deal? I tell him I have no clue, and he tells me she seems nice, but she isn't his type. He is definitely into black girls, and this girl is white as the driven snow. As a girl, why would you want your friend's left overs, and why would you be going on her myspace page to pick out potential dates. She was upset that a lot of the guys on my myspace page were gay. I can't have all the men on my page be ex's, that would be weird. Hello!!!!!

To me that is shady behavior, but maybe that is just me?