My Ipod Addiction

I have a slight issue. I have autistic characteristics just like my brother. I have a tendency to fixate on things. For most of my life, this has been music and books. I was reminded of my obsession by watching the Henry Rollins video, I posted the other day, and I do/did have the whole "High Fidelity" list syndrome. I have been completely turned off by cute guys with horrible taste in music. I have written off those who don't read as ignorant or dumb. I know that is a stupid thing to do, but I did it, and to some extent I still do. I have to say "High Fidelity" is still one of my favorite movies/books, not just because the movie has my crush John Cusack, but because I relate to that. I remember in high school hanging out at Bill's Records and Tapes here in Dallas, going to live shows, or going to Deep Ellum and hanging out outside the club I was too young to go into, just to listen to music. Of course I turned my back on Deep Ellum in the mid 1990's as it turned into a cool place for frat boys into Pearl Jam to hang out, but I as per usual digress.

I am currently trying to add my whole entire music collection to my ipod, I have been doing this for TWO YEARS. I only have about 60% of my music on my ipod, and I am at 4,523 songs as of today. I think most people might think that to be obsessive, but I can't help it, I can also say about once a week I buy a new "album" via itunes. I am obsessive with new music as well, as I can't just listen to one song, I lay down, and listen to a whole album in it's entirety to determine if I like it or not. I also have a tendency to own like a crap load of songs that get put into commercials and then my friends like it and think it is cool when it is in a commercial, but if they hear the song before the commercial they think it is stinky. UUugggghhhh I hate that. I find that the trend of releasing singles is what is killing the music industry. They put out crap albums with one or two songs they focus to sell the whole product and no one wants to buy a whole cd anymore because of it. They focus on singles and pumping out crappy ass artists instead of focusing on the music. That is why I still have a top 100 list of songs.

In terms of books, I have slowed down on buying, but I love the library, I got a card to all the public libraries in the Dallas area. I once looked at my mother in law crazy because she thought only poor people went to the library, and that it cost money to "rent" books. I had to bite my tongue and check myself with her. Even, my husband doesn't understand my need to go to the library. He thinks it is for poor folks as well. I just look at him crazy and make him mad because I have the "I'm smarter than you" look on my face, even though in reality, my husband is way smarter than I ever will be. I can spend hours in a library. I love it there so much, they probably think I am a homeless person hanging out there to keep me from the elements outside. I don't care, I gotta find books, I gotta read. To tie my obsessions together, I listen to my ipod while I read. Sad isn't it?

In the end though, I ended up with a guy who hates to read, unless it is programming book, and whose musical tastes tend not to mesh with mine at all. So I have not relinquished my list obsession, I just tend to keep my superiority complex to myself a bit more. I have learned or tried to be more open to various points of view, even though I am always right, and what I like rules, and what you like drools.