Namaste-I Love Everyone!!!!!!

OK I have put my books down. I have let go the anger. I have put away the Public Enemy CDs. I tore up my membership form to the New Black Panther Party (as if I was ever that stupid). I have gotten control of my racism. I realize not all white people are alike, and that although race relations in America suck, it is an improvement. Not all white men are scared to mess up their racial make up or dilute their namesake with dark blood, obviously not, I am married to a man who is the last to carry his last name in his family. If we have a child our biracial baby will still carry the name, and they still begging us to have kids.

I realize that there are people out there like Nathaniel Smith, challenging youth in the classroom and adults to address racism.

White people aren't the enemy. They aren't evil, and they are not all going to make assumptions of me based upon my race or gender.

I had to get a grip and see the bigger picture, and don't allow frustration to make me a hateful, bitter person.