Pet Peeves Of The Day

OK I have messenger on Yahoo! and google. I chat with a few people online, not many, as I am not all that popular, but some people for some reason are not repulsed by me and want to chit chat. Usually they do this on my non "siditty" account, believe it or not, I was not born with the name Siditty, shocking I know. There is a certain person on Yahoo! who feels that if I appear online I should chat with them. Sometimes my messenger is logged in, and I am NOT online. Sometimes it is because I logged into my email, so it makes it appear I am ready for chat, when in reality, I just wanted to check my email real quick and not chit chat. Do not text message me on my cell phone calling me rude because I didn't chit chat this one time! Seriously, I love chit chatting, but sometimes I don't have the time. I love to talk, Lord knows I do, hell look at all these damn blog posts, but honestly I don't feel like talking sometimes or I am just not able too, don't take it personal. DANG!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention just call me to see what is going on, you got my cell number and my real name child!!!!

Also, let's talk about body odor. If you are stinky, personal space should increase not decrease!!!! Now the person I am talking about, would be pissed if I looked at them crazy and said they stink to high hell, but since I am silent, they now feel they need to be all up on me. Deodorant is a great thing, I know it is getting a bad wrap, but they got the organic stuff now sans aluminum that is great for you. That and a shower you should be good to go.