You guys are familiar with the Sean Bell verdict by now. I am going to post this video.. She has done all the work if you want to be vocal about this verdict. Copy paste and edit to your liking. The addresses and names are provided.

if you have no plans on doing anything but just being mad?


my email address is: truthaccording2me@yahoo.com


all the letters dont fit... here are the address, please email me if you want the whole letters- yt mail is messing up and i'm not getting all your messages. they are also in my blog on myspace

i dont know how to effect the greatest amount of change. i dont know how to take on a system. i dont know how to make them listen, but i know that doing nothing but ranting is not the way to go.

i urge everyone of you to print off these letters, leave a comment, a message, an email asking me to send them to you, forward this video, forward the letters, make your own videos and attach them to this- DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!! just make sure as many letters as possible make it to the powers that be. make sure they know thier postition, thier re-election is in trouble. USE THIS CASE AS A SPRINGBOARD TO LET THE LAW-MAKERS/ ENFORCERS IN YOUR AREA KNOW THEY THEY CANT PLAY THIS GAME EITHER.

i know a drop of water isnt much, but enough of them will fill the bucket- PLEASE HELP

the first letter to Commissioner Kelly:
New York Police Department
Office of the Commissioner
One Police Plaza
New York NY 10038

Your Name
City State Zip

Commissioner Raymond Kelly,

I am writing to you as a citizen of the state of _____. Like many across the country, I have been following the Sean Bell case and eagerly awaiting what I was sure would be a fair and just verdict in the case against Officers Oliver, Cooper and Isnora. I am sad to say that, in my opinion, this was not at all the case.

I am aware that the position of a police officer is one that carries with it great stress, a need for quick
thinking and not nearly as much respect as it deserves. However, in Sean Bells case, this was a gross abuse of power and excessive force. As a citizen of the United States, I am outraged at the verdict handed down in the case of Sean Bell. I am equally outraged with time and time again hearing of abuses such as this coming from a police force you oversee.

I understand that you cannot overturn the verdict. However, I implore you to take immediate action. These officers, along with Officers Headly and Carey, need to be dismissed from their posts. The change in training that officers receive has been noted, but is it enough? Are we due for another outrageous show of violence at the hands of your officers in the near future? I truly hope that is not the case.

These acts within your ranks cannot be erased. Your role in being the head of a group that employs such cowards serving along with, and tarnishing the image of, the noble officers you do have cannot be erased either. You hold just as much responsibility as they do. [If I was] [As] a resident of the City of New York, I [would be] [am] calling for your position to be questioned as well. An action such as this requires swift and long reaching changes to prevent its reoccurrence. Your tenure has certainly not been without other moments of gross negligence and reckless behavior on the part of YOUR officers. It is time to make sure this never happens again, and not just give lip service to a 'better tomorrow'. It is my sincere hope that your current staff does not repeat, yet again, any or all of the actions taken by Officers Oliver, Cooper, Isnora, Headly and Carey.

I am looking forward to reports of major changes at One Police Plaza and for those changes to reach EVERY precinct in New York.


[Your name]

Mayor Michael A. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Federal Bureau of Investigation
26 Federal Plaza
New York, New York 10278

Governor David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224