Tyra Banks Show-Do Light-Skinned Blacks Have It Easier?

I received an email today from someone (I didn't have their name, just an email addy, sorry I couldn't give credit) and the topic is one that has been discussed recently. Do Light Skinned Blacks Have It Easier. I typically don't watch Tyra, or any daytime talk shows usually, but I think I might tune in to see what exactly is going on. In the clip I was unable to embed off her website. darker skinned black woman shares her experience with having a light skinned sister. She claims her sister was always getting praise and she was asking"when is someone going to tell me I'm pretty" both women were very beautiful, but obviously within their family there was a hierarchy. There was another women who claimed she didn't like dark skinned people and who kept saying she didn't have big nose, big lips, and nappy hair. I have this in my own family. I have two second cousins the same age who were practically raised as sisters, one very fair skinned, one very dark skinned, both very beautiful. The treatment between the two from their grandmothers and relatives was a stark difference. The dark skinned one often would get the hand me downs of the light skinned one, she received less attention, and less praise. Maybe it is a Southern thing, but in my family, people love to point out "non-black" features. My brother was doted on for his hazel eyes and light skin, I was praised for my "good hair". I had another cousin that people loved to talk about her red hair. No one could ever just be pretty or handsome just for being pretty or handsome. I will say I have a pretty militant mother who doted on both me and my brother for other things to offset when family members would say crazy things. My mother's family is slightly fragmented as a result of my grandmother marrying a dark skinned black man. My great grandmother told her she was messing up their "pretty skin", i.e. light skin for marrying him. Paper brown tests existed in her family, and my grandfather failed. Most of my uncles and aunts did. Out of ten kids, only two could pass such a test. It is really sad that this mentality still continues in some circles.