What Queer As Folk Has Taught Me About Men

So since yesterday morning, I have been without internet, which is my main source of entertainment. Blogs, youtube, satellite radio access, tv shows all on my laptop. While I was panicking because I felt so disconnected from the world, I decided a marathon of Queer As Folk from Netflix would be a great way to pass the time. Forget working out, cleaning, or things that might be of importance. I need to know about and get wrapped up in the lives of Brian, Justin, Emmett, Michael, and Ted.

I am late to this show. I only watch three or four shows on a regular basis, and I am usually lost on everything else. I watch Lost, The Office, and Law and Order SVU, not Criminal Intent, or just plain old Law and Order, SVU only. Due to the internet I have managed to sneak in The Riches, which is a show I just found out about like two weeks ago.

Queer as Folk even though an obviously gay themed show has taught me a lot about men in general.

What Queer As Folk Has Taught Me About Men:

1) Men are horny and think about sex ALL the time. I think about sex a lot, but obviously not as often as men do, and I thought I was a sex fiend at one point (that is a whole blog entry within itself)
2) Men like pretty things, pretty things make them think of sex
3)Ultimately men just want sex
4) Intelligence and personality are secondary to sex. You can be the nicest person and have everything in common with a guy, but if you aren't pretty enough, he will knock you down and step on you for the hot person scantily clad with nothing to say and no chemistry. All the chemistry they need is in that person's body.
5) Men are always on the prowl for something better than what they have...if they think they can get it, otherwise they will stay with you, but really want someone else, as they are tired of you.
6) Sex and love are two completely different things to men. You can love someone and have an attachment to them, but you can have sex with another and it is all good.
7) Some straight men are so horny for sex they will take any and everything, including sexual gratification from gay men (ok this is not always the case, but dang on Queer As Folk, it happens a lot)

I will say this show is awesome, I am just like 8 years too late!!!!