Why do I like white guys?

I was having a conversation in another blog about my experiences growing up, as I have said many times before I grew up in a predominantly white area. I attribute that to my reason I have a preference of white men. I attributed my husband's preference for non white women for the same reason. He went to predominantly black and hispanic middle and high schools. I always thought since most people date or start to date and form relationships with the opposite sex in middle school and high school, my attraction was obviously sealed at that point in life. But come to think of it, I always had an attraction to white guys, even before then, of course at again I have always been around white people. I was chit chatting with someone at another blog and he explained to me that he never grew up around black people, there weren't that many where he lived, and he has an obvious attraction to black women, he has a blog about it. So I am really asking myself why do I like or have a strong preference for white guys?

What are the turn on of white guys vs. black men for me? Not that there aren't some hot black men, there are, I drool when I see Tyson Beckford and Michael Jai White. Orlando Jones and Gary Dourdan work well for me as well, but this isn't the black man appreciation post, so as per usual, I digress.

I guess I will list out my preferences:

1) Call it a fetish, but I love the skin contrast, I have obviously very dark features, dark brown eyes, curly black hair, dark skin, and white guys on average do not. It is a definite turn on to notice the stark difference.

2) Again a fetish thing, I guess it is also the hair, black guys usually keep the hair a close fade, or sometimes they do bald, I like running my fingers through the hair. I just like hair. Not that bald guys aren't awesome either, I met my husband bald, but I definitely prefer him with hair :)

3) I think there is a cultural differences that mesh better with me as well. Typically speaking white guys, not in all cases, trust me I know, tend to be a bit more reserved in their approach to you than black guys. I guess it is because they like to get a feel for you to see if you are even open to dating a WM, where as BM tend to be a bit more direct and at times, as it is assumed that if you are of the same race you are open to dating people of your own race, which is the case the majority of the time. Sometimes the approach can be too strong. Also with the small number of college educated black men out there, I found many of them to be at an advantage, as most black women still prefer black men, and they use that to their advantage.

4) Not that this a valid reasoning, but I find I have more in common with white guys vs. black guys. My husband and I are complete opposites, but I tend to listen to music and watch movies that fall outside the realm of the stereotypical "black music" and "black movies". Of course my music and movie preferences fall outside the realm of most people, regardless of race, am a weirdo. Even though I am big into music and movies, I enjoy going to live shows of all types and going to art shows, and doing the opera, again most people don't like doing that, including my husband and friends, which is why I am again labeled a weirdo. I always assumed due to the things I like, it seems I was around white guys way more than black guys do to my hobbies.

5) Let me go back to being a fetishist, but I have a weakness for green or blue eyes. I get caught up in eyes pretty easily. My husband has the coolest eyes. I have actually bought clothes for him based upon how they would make his eyes look. I know that is wrong, but it is very true.

Like I said, I can appreciate all races of men, but I just tend to have a preference for white men, and who am I to question why I really have that preference.