The Asian Ideal

***Disclaimer***Apparently the point of this whole post was lost on some people. No where in this post did I ever say that black women are ugly and need to become asian or white. What I am discussing is beauty ideals in America, and no matter how pretty or ugly you think you are, these ideals affect how women of ALL races see themselves. If you want to have a cheer party and have the "feel goods" you might not want to read this post. If you want my perspective on things, the good, the bad, and the ugly, continue reading.

Asian women are the luckiest women in the world. All men of all races want asian women. I have only met one guy in my life who has said he typically isn't attracted to asian women, and that is my husband. Thank god for that, as I can never compete with an asian woman's features.

Black men. White Men. Hispanic Men. Asian Men. They all love those girls with the exotic eyes, pretty skin, and long, straight dark hair. They usually have such small features (lips and nose), and they tend to be very thin and fragile, especially compared to the black woman. A black woman and asian woman can be the same height and weight and the black women will still look bigger, as typically we would have larger thighs and a more rounded booty. Asian women can shop at all the stores, us black women can't. Most of my jeans always fit loose in the waist and perfect in the thighs. If you are to date IR, it is the best choice, no one will bat an eye to your relationship. Hell even in the midst of World War II with Japanese Interment camps, American soldiers were steady bringing home Japanese wives. The same could be said for the Korean war. When Viet Nam came around, even the brothers were bringing home the asian women and no one gave them flack for it. As long as it wasn't a white women, white people had no problems with it either.

How did the asian women become the model ideal for all races of men? Can black women ever achieve this mainstream acceptance? Do black women in other countries get this treatment of being loved by all men, or is it only asian women? What is weird to me in the black and asian cultures is this: Black men have mainstreamed into society in terms of what is deemed as attractive, but black women have not. For asians, the asian women has been an ideal beauty for years, but the asian male still fights to even be acknowledged in the media as anything other than a scientist, engineer, or accountant.

I am going to say it, I am jealous, asian women can get any race of men, and black women are struggling to be accepted by those within our own race, much less other races of men. You have to look mixed, rock a weave, and have some great contacts to even get noticed by men of any race if you are a black chick. Depressing really, because I ain't rocking weave, my hair even though almost waist length straight, will stay curly (it takes THREE HOURS to flat iron my hair, and it is never silky straight), and I am scared of color contacts since the Big T Bazaar purchase a few years back. Not to mention the big nose, big lips, big booty, and big thighs, not very asian like at all!!!!!

Do asian women, or for that matter any other race of women, envy to be black? Are we the only race of women that envies the features of other races of women?

How do black women get love too?