Don't you just want to beat his little ass?*

I swiped this from Happy Nappy Head

Just to recap this story:

-He got mad at his mom, so he took his grandmother's car
-He met up with another 7 year old, who smokes cigarettes, where the hell are the adults in this situation?
-It is fun to be bad and do hoodrat stuff
-Punishment should probably be not playing video games all weekend.
-The boy hit four cars, and sideswiped a sign, and wrecked his grandmother's car
-The boy himself is interviewing with the news station, it appears no parents are around, and the boy is still alive to interview with said news station.

Let me go get my birth control prescription refilled ASAP.

*I do not advocate child abuse or actual beatings. I do believe in discipline and I am not opposed to corporal punishment, as I was raised on this myself, but I do not advocate actual beatings.