Friday Night Party-Bone Thugs N Harmony

Once me and the husband almost moved to Ohio due to a job offer. All I knew about Ohio was this:


and this:

It's tha thuggish ruggish bone. It's tha thuggish ruggish bone!!! Bizzy In Da House!!!!!! Biiiiiiizzzzzzy in Da House!!!!!

Now my husband is a HUGE fan of Bone Thugs, I think he might have had deuce tendencies when we met. He owns Art of War on Vinyl, still sealed. He is still trying to buy their stuff, even Bizzy Bone's solo projects. He even owns the Mo Thugs Family stuff. Who the hell needs to own that.

Who could forget Ghetto Cowboy, with Powder, he was Eminem before Eminem:

Hhhhmmm maybe my husband was a deuce, a reformed deuce. When we met he was rocking FUBU, listening to Bone Thugs, and an avid fan of Tupac. Speaking of Tupac, an actual Tupac song I like with Bone Thugs:

OK so I can keep my hip hop music listening cred I will add Dead Prez, this has nothing to do with Bone Thugs

I just bought this a second time, and was told by my husband he isn't cool with my militant streak and militant music, and he doesn't listen to neo nazi music, why would I listen to Dead Prez and Mos Def (he thinks they hate white people, I don't think so, they might be slightly angry though?)

OK They might be slightly offensive to whites?