Friday Night Party-Ode To Foxy Brown

Hats off to C1 for inspiring this post.

Who is Inga Marchand? She is a mystery. She has gone deaf, beat up nail technicians, spit on hotel workers, and acted a damn fool in beauty supply stores. What happened to her career? Did the jail time make it go away? Or was it the hot pink lipstick and the need to enhance and brush down her baby hair edges?

Foxy inspired many a rapptress, in particular Trina. Maybe I am just making up, maybe Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and a strip club inspired Trina.

I love this song, I still sing it every time I go to the cheap part of Target and buy crap I absolutely have no need for. It is called the Red Hot Shop, but I start dancing and singing I gotta go to the "Hot Spot". I embarrass my husband to no end sometimes. Yeah I have been known to sing and dance in a Target, in particular to some Mike Jones, or whatever ring tone I possess at the time that goes off when I am shopping.

What happened to the love between her and Jay-Z aka Droopy the Dog.

Foxy giving a shout out to her hood. Classic and classy

Damn Blackstreet Disappeared too? What happened to them?

Foxy and her counterpart Lil Kim. Da Brat and Total? What happened to them. I know Da Brat did Celebrity Fit Club, but I don't think she was really a celebrity anymore when she did that.

For an extra bonus, I am adding Trina. Did she have to sleep with Trick Daddy? Seriously. That is some scary mess. That man was fugly and has a speech impediment.

I just added Truth Hurts, because I used to LOVE this song!!!