Vicious Dobermans and Pitts

For those who don't know I own two dogs. A pitt bull mix (we were told she was a lab mix as a puppy, surprise, surprise) and a doberman pincher. For the most part they are docile and the pitt bull mix is very submissive, she bows down to chihuahuas. The doberman it is hard to tell, at the dog park they usually kind og pack together and hang out and if one dog likes a new dog, they both do and they end up playing in happy harmony. These angels are innocent no more.

My dogs went from this:

To This:

I did my usual letting out of the dogs to do their business in our backyard. I hear some barking and immediately let them come back in, as a dog barking at 5:30 in the morning does not make for great neighborhood relations. The doberman starts pacing, his cue to go back outside a couple of hours later. He avoids outdoors like the plague, so I wonder what is outside that makes him so antsy. I go to let them out, and both dogs bolt for the middle of the yard. I go over to see what they are looking at, and I see red, white, and brown. A bunny has been decapitated. No head, just a body, and two dogs excited as hell they got a dog treat. Now I am used to seeing rabbits in this manner, as my dear departed Trixie, the gender bending super cat was an avid hunter of rabbits and birds. He would often bring his surprises to the door to show his pride of killing innocent birds and rabbits. For Easter once, he left us a half dead baby rabbit on the doorstep. My husband was not. As I went to go put on shoes and gloves to handle this delicate situation my husband comes outside grossed out and freaked out the dogs would do such a thing. Although grossed out I am not surprised as there is a reason folks bring dogs with them for hunting, not that I am for hunting, but dogs are good at chasing things, namely rabbits.

Me and my husband are surprised the dogs can even catch a rabbit, the pitt is slightly plump, the doberman has arthritis. Needless to say the only assumption I can make is that the rabbit was sick or injured, or came to our yard for it's final resting place, as they could never actually catch a healthy rabbit. This now means trips to the pet store and to the vet for ring and tape worm applications, a bath, and happiness in the fact we partake in ongoing heartworm preventative and rabies shots.