Were Kids Always This Bad?

Watch this clip from Dr. Phil:

I don't like Dr. Phil in the least bit, but watching this kid and his mother is harsh.

I would be in a coma if I were that kid. Seriously.

Now remember Latarian Milton? Go here for a refresher.

Here is a corresponding news story. Thanks Thembi.

Remember these fools? Seriously you do bad things, don't be so damn dumb that you record the ish. Their parents should beat them for that alone. Too dumb to hide the dumb ish they do.

My question is this? Are kids just more violent? Have these kids become less intelligent. Seriously, I have never thought to steal my mom's car, or plan to beat up a girl and record it, or slap my mother, or beat my grandmother up over chicken wings. I would seriously be dead. My parents would have killed me.

People say it is the violence of music, television, and video games, but I don't buy it. Here are my reasons:

  • Kids have always been exposed to violence.  I know my father had access to guns and cigarettes in grade school, watched westerns where cowboys and indians would kill each other, and was exposed to people shooting horses and cattle as a result of living on a farm. 
  • Even as a kid, I remember playing cops and robbers with play guns that looked like real guns.  They were silver and black, and had no florescent orange tip or anything, and sometimes they were cap guns, so they could sound like real guns
  • We watched cartoons on television that are now deemed too violent to even show now.  Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny, The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote.  Those cartoons are all but banned now in favor of gentler, more loving, cartoons.
  • Did anyone ever watch the Three Stooges.   Me and my father watched them together.  The face slapping, hair ripping, and ear pulling were common occurrences on this show.
  • I grew up with Salt N Pepa "Push It", but I didn't know how to push my own stuff, or was too scared to.
My overall point is what changed or appeared to change?  Has this always been there, but the media didn't cover it?  Or has the parenting style of yesteryear changed that has caused a shift in how kids view their parents?  Do kids now need more attention?

I can't blame media for bad kids.  I just can't fathom why it would be the fault of media alone.  Don't parents have any control over what their kids watch or do?   If you are in the car listening to Lil' Wayne with your kids in the car with you, something is wrong.  If yall all sit around watching Law and Order:SVU together, that is wrong.  Might be a great song and you all know I love Law and Order, but honestly should I be hanging out with kids when I watch or listen to these things?    

Don't do tha thick girl in front of kids.  Three year olds should not know how to booty shake. 

Another concern is the easy access to the internet.  Kids don't need computers with internet access and web cams in their rooms.   Why do parents allow this?  Put that thing in the living room, they can have access to internet porn when they go off to college.  Do not rely on the chincy parental controls and internet filter software to protect your kids, because more than likely, they know more about computers than you do, and can get around that stuff with a quickness.  Heck I learned about proxy servers and anonymizers from a high schooler.   My husband recently purchased Grand Theft Auto IV for himself.  The one thing he noticed is how many kids, with their parents with them, were purchasing the game.  Maybe they play video games together?   I don't know, even if they did play the game together, why Grand Theft Auto?   Don't you know about the violence and sex?   Are folks just not aware?

I think kids now are or have claimed an equal playing field with their parents.  I was never on an equal playing field with my parents.  We didn't have discussions. I got lectures.   We didn't compromise on punishment, I got beat down and grounded, no negotiations required.   My parents didn't let me watch TV all the live long day, and when I was in high school and we had the internet, or even in grade in middle school when my father had a computer, did I ever get to  use it unsupervised or in the privacy of my own room.   Hell I was in high school close to 18 in the living room playing on AOHell, not in my room.   My parents had me on lock.   I didn't get to choose what I wanted to watch, my parents chose it for me.