Where is Prom At? The Boom Boom Room?

To see the child model the dress, here is some video:

Seriously, where are her parents? I don't think at age 32 my parents would let me leave the house like this for a formal event. I want to know isn't there a dress code at the school, did she not think it would apply to the prom?

I like that she doesn't even have enough fabric to cover her little flat baby child chest. Anyone with boobs bigger than an A cup would be busting out of that top. The sad part is the prom folks didn't let her in even after she altered the dress, they feared she had no undergarments on. Let me white this out,  highlight if needed: dancing will make you sweat , and if that child were to enter the prom with no draws on, she will have a smell that is a mixture of sweat, body odor, and twat juice. That ain't cute.

She is mad the school wouldn't let her come to prom nekkid. At least someone there had common sense. So you notice that Proms over the last decade or show have become a showcase for future strippers and playmates? I blame Paris Hilton.

Apparently schools have become lax in the dress code, for example we run into the same thing over here.