Breast Discrimination

In my last post, had a video with TonyaTko discussing black women and their role in society and how they are treated. A couple of people made comments about Tonya and her boobs, and I knew they would, which is why the disclaimer is in the title. It was assumed that the message would get lost due to a distraction in boobs. I really am starting to get mad. For years I have been self conscience about my boobs. I have dresses that I only wear around the house because they fit so nicely everywhere on my body except the "girls" seem to be a bit overexposed. I rarely if ever wear tank tops or halter tops because of this. No girl with a A cup wearing a tank or halter is told her breasts would be considered distracting, why is a woman who isn't a A cup told that they are? Why are people so hung up on boobs? Is it because people equate them to being sexually promiscuous? Personally I think that people should take a more liberal approach to boobs.

I was on youtube (my new favorite hobby) and was watching a video of this woman who has decided she isn't going to wear a bra anymore. She felt that it is sad that women felt the need to have to wear a bra, and found some studies linked to women wearing bras and the incidence of breast cancer. It would make sense, especially since so many of us wear ill fitting bras. She is opting instead to wear a camisole under her shirts to allow more freedom. She only plans to wear a bra when exercising. I definitely understand that, running and braless boobs can be very painful, but I also understand the pain of wearing an ill fitting bra in which the cup runneth over.

Why as a girl can I not feel comfortable wearing tanks and halters tops in public, why must I feel that if I wear these things out in public I am inviting sexual and lewd comments or stares? Why do I have to buy shirts that do not fit properly to ensure I cover up my breasts? Why must women who breast feed feel the need to hide doing something that is natural to them? I don't feel nursing women should whip them out at the dining room table, but obviously why is it ok for them to breast feed in a dirty and stank public bathroom instead of in a clean, public place? Would you eat your lunch in a bathroom? Why do we expect breast feeding babies to? Why do I have to wear a bra for fear that I my nipples will become obvious in a strong breeze? Why should I be upset I have boobs and nipples, every woman has them, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that when you are cold, the nipples become more noticeable.

What exactly is wrong with breasts? Why is it seem as a bad thing to have big boobs outside of modeling for playboy? I don't understand being chastised for something due to genetics?