Questioning Sexual Orientation

***Please Do Not Google Interracial Lesbian Couples At Work!!!! Seriously I was looking for couples, and found way more than I bargained for, which is why you have this nice monoracial couple***

Last night I was chit chatting with a friend and her partner. They have been together about 6 years, and have a daughter (from a previous relationship). I never really thought much about their relationship until last night. I found out how they met, and it was interesting to say the least.

They met online. K, the girl I initially became friends with, is black. Her partner C, is white. C was in a chat room that dealt with IR relationships between black men and white women. K, was in that chat room posing as a black guy. They had a long distance internet relationship on the premise K was a guy, and four months into the relationship K fessed up to her lack of male genetalia, and C, being emotionally attached, decided to continue the relationship. Even though she had never thought of herself as a lesbian, at that point she decided to give it a try.


I was confused as hell. I know many lesbians who tried dating guys, but decided to go against society and come out of the closet, but never had a met a person who informed me they never thought about women until they get into a relationship with a woman they thought was a man. Maybe I am crazy, but I would have felt betrayed if I was under the impression I was dating a guy, but was really dating a girl. I don't know if I would be open to giving lesbianism a try under this premise.

So you know me being me, I asked C was she a lesbian, or was she bi-sexual. She then identified herself as straight, explaining K was very masculine in her appearance and traits, which she is, but I still know she is a woman!!! I say C is a bisexual person. C's premise is love is love and you can't always put a gender on it. I disagree. I love women in my life, but I don't LOVE them. I LOVE men.

Am I being homophobic in not understanding their relationship? I guess my thing is it, was based upon deception, and I would not be ok with that if I were in that position. Or maybe I don't fully understand the difference between gay, bisexual, and straight?