WTH? Part 2: BW has baby with racist WM

OK Why did she sleep with him, and what made him so damn crazy!!!!!!! Seriously this makes no sense. But then again it does. I have met many guys in my life who love the idea of an IR relationship (mostly due to sexual aspects), but love to generalize and stereotype black folks. I also want to know why this heffa (yeah I said it) is happy the baby could possibly be his.

I had a conversation maybe a few years ago with a white male "friend" of mine who loves black women. He was getting discouraged as he was more interested in their bodies than their personalities and ending up with gold diggers and straight up scary women. He then decided he needed a Latina woman, as Latina women are passionate, like black women, but with more class. Needless to say we are not friends. I cursed the man out in every direction. His only response was, "You're different, I wasn't talking about you." As if I was not some black woman, but rather an unknown, nondescript race. He then went on to generalize about African American culture. I told him to quit listening to Tupac, using BET as a guide to black people, and making assumptions about a culture he knew nothing about. I also said some other not so choice things, but I find it very common to know of white men like this. It could be my part of the country? Maybe white men in other areas might think this way, but have common sense not to say such crazy things?

I often wonder why these guys even think to date or be with black women. I often felt this guy, who was way into material things and status felt the need to date black women because he felt he could get a much better quality (in terms of looks) black woman than white woman. He needed someone to make him feel better, and he felt his whiteness would guarantee him a nice black woman, regardless of his income, education, or personality.

Then you have the flip side. Per this video, I married my oppressor. Don't worry though, I will let him know and make sure that he doesn't oppress me.