Black Men.......................

I like black men, I find some black men attractive. I have only dated a few black men in my life, but few black men have ever approached me, I always been approached by non black men, mostly hispanic and white. There are several reasons I like black men.

My father is black. My dad is awesome. He has been married to my mom for 35 years as of August. He is the coolest man ever, even though he will wear a throwback jersey with some khaki pants and a fanny pack while on vacation. He also shops exclusively at Eddie Bauer. Aside from that, he is awesome.

I've got an awesome brother. He is black too if you didn't know. Yes we have the same mother and father. My brother has asperger's (autism) and has managed to go to college and work full time. I know many men of all hues, who weren't able to do that.

I've got another awesome brother. He has only been my brother technically for 7 months, but he also happens to be my 2nd cousin, and he is 9 years old. He is scary smart, and very sweet. He will grow up to be an awesome black man.

My uncles, cousins, and grandfather are black. I have SEVERAL uncles, and the majority are good guys. Out of 13 uncles, I can say 10 are wonderful men. There are a few bad apples in every family, I don't count those as the representation of all black men. Even if they are divorced, or never married their "baby momma" they are active in their children's lives, work, and take care of themselves or their families.

The whole point of this post was to say what I have said a thousand times. My attraction to white men has nothing to do with black men. Black men do not equate into my life with my husband, or with any man I dated prior to my husband.

You shouldn't have to hate or stereotype people to justify why you are with your significant other.

For me to stereotype black men as one monolithic group, I would have to do the same for myself as a black woman.

As you guys may know this blog is a piggyback off of C1's controversial post on his blog. He had a little bit of craziness going on, and I literally just sat back and watched. It was becoming a mess. I had to personally remind myself the supposed black men posting don't represent ALL black men. I felt a reminder was needed, as some of that stuff over there was a hot mess. Kudos to C1 for limiting the censoring. It is hard to determine what constitutes censoring and what doesn't.