Dancing And Clubs

So the other night I asked my husband, why I can't go dancing with girlfriends. I get my once year to the club chance, but other than that, it is a big fat no. Usually I go to the gay club with my girlfriends. I am not allowed to go to the gay club with gay guys, as they might be tricking me and not be gay. As if. Anyway my husband's refusal for my need to go to a club and dance is because guys go to clubs to pick up chicks. I actually go to dance. I like to dance. It is fun to me, I suck at it, I dance like Carlton, but I still like to do it.

When I go to the club, if I go with my friends we usually do the girl corner and just dance with ourselves, we aren't trying to pick up men, so I don't understand his fears of me and clubs. Clubs are the worst places to pick up people in my opinion. The darkness hides ugliness too well and it is too loud to have a decent conversation. To be honest when I go to the club, I realize it is crowded, it smells like cigarette smoke, and the people there are reflective of the typical Dallasite, label obsessed, fake, and pretentious, the $30K millionaires. But clubs are the only place aside from home where I can dance. My options are limited.

I still like to dance, and just FYI my husband won't dance with me in public or private. He abhors the thought of dancing so much that at our wedding he would not dance. Our "First Dance" wedding photo was staged.

* Not a fan of Dane Cook, but this piece is totally appropriate for this post.