It's That Time of The Year

So me and the husband are planning to visit the grandparents. I have written about this in the past. I love his grandparents, but I don't love where we sleep. Last time I think we did the right thing and opted to stay at a hotel. I know this sounds mean, but the grandparents are very sweet and loving, but the fights with roaches, bugs, and rashes are not so sweet. Awaking in the middle of the night with bugs crawling on your face in bed, not cute. Breaking out into a horrible rash is also not cute, and fighting a big ass water bug aka roach is not cute either. Thankfully, someone else has informed them of the uncomfortable fold out sofa bed, but no one has informed them of the shower faucet you have to position just right to keep from leaking, the constant use and lack of cleaning of the shower that goes on in the guest quarters, and the bug issue.

So last time we stayed at a vey nice hotel. I love Hotel Icon. It is in a nice area, fairly quiet, and quite trendy. We will not be staying there again, as we are trying to save money, not blow it, but we will opt for a nice Marriott. I don't think I am too picky. We got a good deal, and it isn't 5 star, but I can handle it. If you don't know when I travel I like to pretend I am rich. This time we plan to travel as if we are middle class. I wanted to stay at the Magnolia, as that is one of my favorite hotels, but my husband being my husband felt that the distance was too far, and free milk and cookies should not sway my choice in hotel.

This time I hope the visit will be uneventful, as his family has a way of saying things they shouldn't say. I also hope that no one assumes I am dating my husband's mentally challenged uncle. For some reason people like to mistake me as his caregiver/girlfriend. It is beyond comprehension my husband could be married to me for some folks. It makes perfect sense for me to be married to a man with the mind of an 8 year old.