More Asian and White Love?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

I swiped this from The Fighting 44s.

So a while back we had a heated debate on Asian women here. How they are viewed as the ideal minority here in America, and how it is perfectly acceptable in mainstream society for a white man to have an asian girlfriend or partner and no one blinks an eye to it.

Now I found this. Apparently in Japan this restaurant is all the rage. Asian women getting served by "Western"(i.e. white men). Apparently the owner of the place questioned what Asian women wanted, and they said "Western" men. Then stereotypes flew. Asian men apparently aren't capable of being gentlemen like Western men are. Apparently "Western" men are "smoother" and make them feel special more than Japanese men as well.

I wonder how well this will go over in America?