Shopping to Avoid Heat

My A/C went out Friday, in 100 degree weather, so me and the family have been suffering with cheap box fans and ice to fight the heat. In Texas, every one has central A/C, if not you will die. Seriously. Box fans blow hot air really well, but me and the man decided to avoid the heat by shopping. So all was not lost. We provided the dogs and cat with tons of ice, water, and fans blowing hot air, and off we went.

Today was a great day. I was able to buy some hair products. If you read my other blog, you know about my product junkieism. I was also able to update my music collection. Well not really, I am still transferring items that I had on tape over to my ipod. I was able to get my "Until The End Of The World" soundtrack. The movie I was ok with, the soundtrack was AWESOME. It triggered my love of Nick Cave. One of my most favorite songs ever.Seriously. I promise to stop using "seriously" as a complete sentence. Seriously. Oops sorry.

Ill Love You Until The End Of The World - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

I was totally in love with Nick Cave in 10th grade. I don't know why he looks kind of scary, but I still think his stuff is awesome. He is a very talented man, no matter if he looks scary or not.

Isn't this song awesome?

I was also able to buy a couple of books.

Then we proceeded to the movies. We went and saw the Dark Knight. It was pretty good. I am really losing myself, I haven't seen a indie or foreign film in a while. I need to rev up my Netflix to maintain my street cred.

Overall we managed to stay out until night time and it has cooled down, so the suffering is to a minimum. The high today was only 101 degrees. The temperature as I write this is only 85 degrees.