Why Is It Sexy On Her, But Ugly On Me?

Angelina Jolie is considered a very sexy woman.She has what is considered "full lips". Full lips are the ulimate is sexiness now. People are willing to put collagen in their lips to achieve this look. We all want full lips like Angelina. Well I have full lips. When I was growing up,full lips, at least on me were called "big, greasy, n*gger lips". I don't think that was meant as sexy. No one even told me they were sexy or feminine, they just said big and gross.

Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel are applauded for their dierrieres. They have voluptuous and curvy figures. I have a "enhanced" dierriere. When I was growing up that was called being a "fat ass". Not sexy, just gross and fat. I used to beg for a pancake ass and no thighs. I was 115 lbs soaking wet, with my ribs sticking out thinking I was fat because my booty was "ample". Oh the days of black girl anorexia, where 800 calories and an hour or two of working out was done in vain to get rid of a butt and thighs.

I remember growing up watching Bo Derek in "10". Her cornrows made her a sex symbol. Cornrows on me were just another "black, crazy, hairstyle".

Why do we have this double standard? Why is it what is pretty on those lighter than me, is considered ugly on my dark skin?

Why is ok to have "black" attributes, but not ok to be black?